Hard Choices


I have learnt that one choice in life can have a  profound impact on your self-perception. But should you let it?

Whether this choice relates to personal relationships with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, or a decision to accept or turn down an employment opportunity, there will always be the ever nagging thought of “what-if”.

What if I had put in more effort?

What if I was more courageous and moved cities to take on the new offer?

What if I didn’t let myself be tied down?

What if I ran that extra mile on the treadmill?

Every small decision will ineivitably result in some form of regretful thinking. I battle with indecisiveness everyday, not wanting to make the wrong choice, even if it’s just choosing a restaurant to eat at! There will always be choices to make, and though it’s hard to believe, there is no “correct” answer (I have to keep telling myself this!). However, I don’t live by the mantra that you live with what’s dealt to you; I don’t think settling is the answer.

If you want change, if you regreat a decision, then act upon it. Make a clear action plan with concret goals.  Change your self-perception by learning more, reading more, talking to more people. Find resources around you and don’t be scared to put yourself out there for change. Yes, security and stability is important. If it’s what you value, by all means continue but if you value something higher, if you want to feel at ease, change is the only way to get one step closer.


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